How to Deal With Cravings


When you give up carbohydrates it can be difficult to get through the cravings but I will tell you the tricks that I have learned:

1.       Never, ever feed a craving. Think of your cravings as stray cats, if you feed them they will never go away.

2.       If white knuckling it through a craving is too hard you can try eating a pickle, sipping some pickle juice or brushing your teeth it helps reset your mouth and brain

3.       Drink water when you have a craving as most of us confuse thirst signals with hunger signals.

4.       It can help to visualize your craving like a wave; it will come, it will crest and it will dissipate. The waves will come fewer and further between and if you can just ride it out you will soon have smooth sailing. 

In 1 – 2 weeks (sometimes less) you will no longer have cravings, so it also helps to know that you won’t have to have this massive amount of will power, use visualization, or tricks for long – one day you will snap and realize that it has been a long time since your last craving.